A quick fix for damaged hair

You don’t need to do much to wreak havoc on your mane. For a recent wedding I used a blow dryer, a curler, mousse, and three types of hairspray all in one day. (Don’t judge. I’m a beauty editor, I have a lot of products!) But the morning after as I tried to wash out my lovely locks they literally got stuck together in a tangled clump. I tried multiple conditioners but nothing seemed to make my hair feel less dry. The mass amounts of product and styling had finally taken its toll. So I decided to try out Joico’s K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor. I towel-dried and spritzed it all over my head, used a wide tooth comb to distribute the product and then just left it to air dry. My hair was soft and fuzzless and for about three days afterwards, even after showering, my hair felt smooth and silky. The K-PAK products have quadramine peptide complex in their formulas, making hair elastic and protected. And there’s the new Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Line for those with damaged, highlighted hair. It has African Manketti Oil to moisturize and arginine, an amino acid naturally found in the hair to help it repel water. I’d definitely recommend it for those who dye and blow dry consistently. –Kate Daley