Praise Patagonia! Hiking Fashion Is Back. Here Are 12 Ways To Wear It

How to wear the colourful (and practical!) look everywhere from the woods to the city sidewalks.

hiking fashion

Start digging through your closet for those oversized flannels, fleeces and classic trail boots, because hiking fashion (as in, outdoorsy clothes worn in decidedly non-outdoorsy settings) is making a comeback. The look has been referred to as “gorpcore” — think normcore, but in the woods. “Gorpcore posits the hypothesis nothing’s more stylish than clothes that aren’t stylish at all. It’s about utility and function,” Susannah Tucker, senior editor at U.K. retailer ASOS told Australian Vogue. (She added “tech fleece” was one of the fastest growing searches on their site). Take a look below for our round-up of the 12 best ways to get the look this summer.

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