6 simple sun-care tips

Learn how to love the sun—safely

I love the feel of warm sun on my skin—nothing beats it after a cold winter and rainy spring. But I’m always careful to make sure my skin is well-protected—I like the look of a tan but don’t want the damage that goes with it. So I get my tan from a bottle and follow these tips to keep my skin fresh and safe:

Make sure you’re wearing enough sunscreen. An amount the size of a quarter will not cover your body. An average woman (5′ 4″ tall and 130 pounds) needs a shot glass full of sunscreen for full coverage.

One bottle should only last you four to six full-body applications. If you live outdoors in the summer, be prepared to buy a couple bottles each month.

Sunscreen ingredients break down over time. Check the expiration date on the bottle and throw away anything old. You won’t get full coverage from an expired product, so you could burn when using one.

SPF15 in a foundation or tinted moisturizer is not enough to protect you when lounging at the beach. Those products are only perfect for day-to-day activities like work or shopping.

Pick the right lotion for your activity. If you’re sailing or swimming, apply a waterproof lotion. They are effective for about 80 minutes. Water-resistant formulas that last 40 minutes are good for light sports or playing with the kids by the pool.

Some skincare products can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun, which could lead to burning. Avoid those skincare products that contain retinol and vitamin C, scrub-type exfoliants and fragrances.

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