365 Days Sans Shopping

365 days 365 1

I just found a blog that perfectly encompasses my own personal dilemma but I have not the courage nor the willpower to do what these women have done. Did they save the world? Develop a life-saving vaccine ?

Nope. They gave up shopping. For an entire YEAR.

For someone who has likely spent at least a car’s worth of money in their lifetime on the latest trends only to discard them the next season, I am in a constant predicament over whether to shop or save. Usually, due to my competitive nature and greed for products, the credit card spree wins over the savings account. Also, I basically shop for new makeup and clothes for a living, thus making it a little difficult to shun all material pursuits.

So when I heard about the 365 Fashion Rehab I had to check it out. Best friends Perdy Andrews and Alison Dunn, one in San Fransico, one in Toronto decided to give up shopping for twelve months.

Okay, so I get not shopping for clothing, but no makeup either?! That’s insane. But these ladies have done it. They’ve been nominated for a Canadian Weblog Award and you must read their blog. It’s priceless.

Style on a budget at its best. Find their story here: . Their laments are hilarious and sad and include some of the latest trends for those shopaholics out there. They even have YouTube videos. It’s a must read. 

– Kate Daley