Stylish And Comfortable Bralettes For All Body Types

Think wirefree bras are just for the small-chested? Think again. WonderBra Canada is on a mission to bring comfortable, functional and fashionable bralettes to everybody and every body.

The days of comfortable wireless bras and bralettes being reserved for small-chested people are over. Say goodbye to sifting through racks of whatever is leftover in your size, and welcome in the age of fashionable, functional, won’t-dig-in, wire-free goodness. Legends in bra design are changing the game and they have one motive: you don’t have to compromise comfort to feel good in what you’re wearing.

WonderBra has been at the forefront of the bra-design game since 1939, crafting beautiful silhouettes that are a go-to for women worldwide who are looking for a consistent fit that works for their bodies—without compromising style. Enter the wireless bra and bralette, a product that has historically been a no-go style for people with larger busts, but has nonetheless gained popularity during the pandemic when comfort became paramount and staying at home the norm. “For many women, finding a bra that was comfortable and supportive was like hitting the jackpot, causing these non-wired, minimalist and stylish bras to skyrocket in popularity,” says Shannon Coppins, WonderBra Canada’s Merchandising Manager.

It’s all about finding the right style, construction and fit that best suits you. Here’s how.

Why choose a wireless bra or bralette?

There’s more to it than comfort. They’ve come a long way since their inaugural silhouette of a triangle cup, narrow bottom band and skinny straps—ideal for smaller-chested people but not those who are fuller chested. As the less-constructed style of bra became more popular, more brands started releasing designs that were more supportive and suitable for larger chests. A well-designed wireless bra can feel supportive without being restrictive or adding pressure to the chest area, and they can often be more undetectable underneath clothing.

What to look for when shopping for a wireless bra or bralette?

Wireless bras and bralettes are great for any occasion, so first consider your styling: will you wear it under a top or as a top itself? Select from gorgeous lace designs, active-inspired seamless knits or smooth stretch bonded fabrics—there are endless possibilities to best suit your style.

Next, think of the fit. The band should feel comfortable with a supple, stretchy fabric for a light support with maximum comfort. The bottom band is often made of stretch elastic or lace, and this should lie flat against your ribcage. The cups should also lie flat along your breast and have no gaps. Make sure you feel contained, without spilling out or having too much room in the cups. Lastly, the straps shouldn’t dig in to or lift more than an inch away from your shoulders. Try out different styles—wider straps, different shaped cups, less or more coverage—to find your optimal fit.

Can anyone wear a wireless bra or bralette?

Short answer: yes.

But there are some things to look for in wireless bras or bralettes if you have a larger chest. Look for styles with separated and moulded cups, these will help you feel more supported and avoid that uniboob look that can often happen without the separated cups.

Wider bands, longline silhouettes and adjustable straps can also add to a more supported feeling overall and offer a bespoke fit. “It’s all about looking for the right style, construction and fit that best suit you and your breast size,” Coppins says.

Shop WonderBra’s wireless options below and visit WonderBra Canada’s website to learn more.

Four bralettes for every body

Wirefree Convertible Bralette
Available in fun patterns like animal print, this wirefree bra features lightly lined foam cups for natural shaping and support. Plus, wear it three ways: traditional, criss-cross or halter. $50, wonderbra.ca.

Comfy Glamour Deep-V Wireless Bralette
Comfortable and glamorous? Sold. This wireless bralette features a soft-touch band, sweat-wicking material and a deep-V plunge neckline with a delicate lace trim. $55, wonderbra.ca.

Smooth Wireless Scoop Crop Bralette
Looking for more support and coverage? This bralette, made of buttery soft and stretchy fabric, has a wide underband for extra support and a flattering deep scoop neck. $38, wonderbra.ca.

New Wave Seamless Wireless Bra
Tired of struggling with your bra? This wireless one is made of the brand’s innovative 360-degree stretch, sweat-wicking fabric that is virtually invisible underneath clothing. $57, wonderbra.ca.

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