Who said Yellow was Mellow?

From runways to home accessories to paint, yellow is popping up everywhere from bright eye-arresting variations to more subdued pales and even muted ochre tones.

Walls, Soleil AF-330, Aura Matte

Yellow is a happy, warm, luminous colour that lifts the spirits and lets the sunshine in wherever it is used. It’s the perfect hue if you want to add a touch of Spring that will last through all the seasons!

Wall Banana Yellow 2022-40, Regal Select Eggshell

A bright sunny yellow such as Benjamin Moore’s Banana Yellow 2022-40 is a vibrant, modern accent that adds warmth and energy to any space where you want a real change. Paired with black and white it feels edgy, graphic and contemporary.

Wall, Rainforest Dew 2146-50, Ben Eggshell

Alcove, Marblehead Gold HC-11, Regal Select, Matte

For a less intense yellow paint colour, choose one that is tempered with a little gray, such as Marblehead Gold HC-11.  It still has the power to draw your eye, but will pair better with most neutral tones, antiques, and traditional textiles.

Front door Aura Grand Entrance, English Scone

If you’re considering yellow for the exterior body of your home, choose carefully and be sure to sample the colour in your surroundings.  Sunlight effects all colours, inside and out, but can easily wash out a pale yellow, or make a bright yellow appear neon!  However a cheery yellow front door will almost always bring instant curb appeal!