The Healthy Way To Bring On The Weekend

The weekend: time to unwind, spend time with the family, and recharge for the busy week ahead. Since weekdays can be so action-packed, the weekends are well-deserved. Movie nights and sleeping in give your family time to relax and enjoy the little things together.

But did you know you can kickback and still be healthy at the same time? 

Ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need throughout the weekend with the help of Florida Orange Juice, with vitamin C, folate, potassium, no added sugar and a great taste your whole family will love!

The weekend also gives you time to prepare easy meals together. Florida Orange Juice is the perfect beverage accompaniment to any meal, or an ingredient with endless possibilities to refresh your weekend menu. Here are some Florida Orange Juice-inspired family-friendly recipes to keep your weekend deliciously fun.

The Orange Cream Smoothie, packed with the vitamins and nutrients of Florida OJ, can help keep your family going throughout the day. A few simple ingredients (and of course, great tasting Florida Orange Juice) make it the perfect Saturday sidekick.

Mini Breakfast Quiches are an easy way to start your chilled-out Sunday. Pair them with a glass of Florida Orange Juice, giving you a daily serving of fruit for that extra boost of sunshine!

To see recipes for every day of the week, and further nutritional information, visit floridacitrus.org/orange-juice-ca/news/cant-wait-for-morning.

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