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New Nordic Hair Volume™ supplements help to support and strengthen hair for a healthier head of hair. Canadian influencer Emily Smith tested the supplements and gives us her testimonial.

(Photo: Emily Smith)

(Photo: Emily Smith)

New Nordic Hair VolumeTM contains four proven hair growth-promoting ingredients: apple extract, millet extract, L-cystine and vitamin B5. It also includes more of these ingredients, in one tablet, than any other Canadian hair supplements available.

It works over time to help reduce hair shedding and provides your hair with a micro- nutrient complex that supports strong and healthy hair.

Take one tablet of New Nordic Hair Volume™ per day with food. For optimal results, follow the program for three continuous months. It can also be taken continuously all year long.

(Photo: Emily Smith)

(Photo: Emily Smith)

Canadian influencer Emily Smith took one tablet a day of New Nordic Hair VolumeTM with food for three consecutive months and could hardly believe the results.


(Photo: Emily Smith)

Before I began using New Nordic Hair Volume TM, my locks were looking dull and lacked volume. After having two kids, I noticed my hair just didn’t have the same bounce it once had. I wanted to change that and so I gave New Nordic Hair Volume TM a try.

“When I first began taking the pills, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would see much improvement. But during the second month of taking the pills, I noticed a difference in the length of my hair and its texture. It was growing stronger, felt fuller and looked healthier. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to add hair volume to my self-care routine. Taking this pill every morning with a nutritious breakfast was one of the best decisions I made.

“After a full 90 days of using New Nordic Hair Volume TM, as directed on the package, the results were unmistakable! My husband tells me, ‘your hair has never looked better!’ My hairdresser remarked on how naturally voluminous and shiny my hair was. I’m so pleased with the difference that I can hardly believe it.

NewNordic-HairVolume_front“I love how bouncy and voluminous my hair looks now; the compliments that keep coming are just a bonus!”

Where to Buy It

Available at participating pharmacies, health food stores, and online. Always read and follow instructions before use. Results may vary.