Seasonal Wine Pairings to Kick Off Summer

Elevate your next meal with a bottle that brings out the flavours of the season

Good riddance to winter, hello summer. Between the bright sunny days and the bountiful fruits and vegetables crowding farmers’ market stalls, there are plenty of reasons to raise a glass to summer. Many foodies let seasonal produce guide their cooking, and summer’s harvest is ripe with tasty choices. Fresh and vibrant, those delicious flavours become even more pronounced when they’re perfectly matched with a well-made wine, like a bottle from award-winning sustainable wine producers Mezzacorona.

Mezzacorona, the largest estate-grown winery in Italy, has been making quality wines in the far north’s Trentino since 1904. Certified by the Non-GMO Project, the estate-bottled product uses top-quality grapes cultivated by 1,600 families of farmers in the foothills of the Italian Dolomites. Winemaker Lucio Matricardi transforms the hand-harvested fruit into elegant, single-varietal estate-grown wines that express the sustainably farmed grapes’ unique and ideal alpine environment. Certified SQNPI Qualita Sostenibile, each batch and bottle of Mezzacorona wine is traceable and given the seal of sustainability from Italy’s national system for integrated production quality.

As we ease into summer, consider adding these recipes and Mezzacorona wine combinations that lean into the season’s unique tastes to your meal plan.

Seasonal Pairings with Pinot Noir: Cherries, Mushrooms and More

Bright with red cherry, blackberry and brown spices, the smooth, medium-bodied Mezzacorona Pinot Noir has scored 87 Points from Wine Spectator and 91 Points from the Ultimate Wine Challenge. Undeniably delicious to savour alone, the winery’s award-winning pinot noir makes an impeccable match with charcuterie, roasted poultry and lean red meats including beef, veal and game. For those firing up the grill, flame-licked lighter proteins such as chicken or tofu match well, as the wine’s spiced sweet berry flavours act synergistically with the grilled dishes’ punchy profile, while its tangy acidity helps to cut through any strong seasoning.

Fire up the BBQ to create this summery menu that perfectly complements Mezzacorona Pinot Noir:

Appetizer: The pinot noir’s berry notes are echoed in the ripe juicy cherries and sweet cherry tomatoes in this summer cherry panzanella.

Main course: The wine shines greatest with anything made of mushrooms, including delightful and simple-to-prepare grilled Portobello fajitas. A classic pairing, the duo’s similar delicate qualities and earthy profiles are ethereal and heightened when enjoyed together.

Seasonal Pairings with Pinot Grigio: Asparagus, Spinach and More

Scrumptious on its own, Mezzacorona’s fresh and delicately complex pinot grigio possesses a balance that’s rarely found in this varietal at the under-$20 price point. This light wine, which was recognized with a Great Value Award in the 2018 and 2019 Ultimate Wine Challenge, is fantastic to have on hand for any occasion.

Pale straw in colour, the Trentino DOC-designated wine has a soft and appealing white peach and honeysuckle aroma. Packed with clean, juicy pear and nectarine flavours, plus a hint of almond, it’s an excellent match when served with most appetizers and light courses including soups, cold meats, non-saucy pasta dishes, and sushi. A superb partner to white meats and fish dishes, the crisp and savoury wine’s youthful qualities work extremely well with salads, from Greek to feathery greens topped with soft, mild cheeses, almonds, sliced stone fruit and prosciutto.

Looking for a menu optimized for summer? These recipes pair perfectly with Mezzacorona’s Pinot Grigio:

Appetizer: The green notes from the spring shoot and dill in asparagus hummus match those exhibited in the pinot grigio.

Main course: The slightly earthy profile of a porcini-crusted black cod with garlic spinach is echoed by the wine’s pleasant mineral finish.

You can find Mezzacorona’s crowd-pleasing pinot noir and pinot grigio at the LCBO and other wine retailers across Canada.