This Fresh Dog Food Company Is Now Tackling Your Pup’s Dietary Allergies

How the unexpected loss of a pet led to this evolving human-grade dog food subscription service and pet care community.

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After Vino Jeyapalan lost his eight-year-old dog, Kabo, to stomach cancer in 2018, he started researching what led to her untimely passing. “Although there are many uncontrollable variables, it became painfully evident that what I put into her bowl everyday had one of the largest contributions to her passing,” he says. 

His findings and his business background working for Facebook and Instagram led Jeyapalan to launch Kabo, a made-in-Canada, fresh-cooked dog food delivery service, named after his beloved dog. Working with canine nutritionists, holistic veterinarians and other dog owners, Kabo formulates human-grade dog food that is freshly prepared and delivered pre-portioned to contain exactly what your dog requires each day. Now, they’re adding allergen-free recipes to their menu to address a common canine dietary concern.  

Allergen-free recipes for dogs

“Allergies are quite prevalent in canines and affect 15 percent of dogs,” says Dr. Suzee Camilleri, Veterinary Advisor for Kabo. “Our new hypoallergenic salmon recipe is free of all common dog allergens like chicken, beef, dairy, grains and soy. It helps to meet a dog’s nutritional needs and provides them with a healthy source of food while preventing any flare ups in their condition.”

Dr. Suzee Camilleri, Veterinary Advisor for Kabo.

“It also boasts an assortment of highly digestible and anti-inflammatory ingredients,” says Dr. Camilleri, each one selected for its specific benefits, such as blueberries for vitamin C and butternut squash for its high fibre and low calorie counts. Unlike most commercial pet food, which is typically processed several times at high heat, Kabo uses only fresh, whole ingredients that are minimally processed. Each recipe undergoes a gentle cooking method that helps to preserve vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals and eliminates the need for artificial preservatives, additives and fillers. “Not to mention, it is formulated to meet AAFCO standards for all life stages,” Dr. Camilleri adds.

Membership has its benefits beyond the food

Kabo has evolved beyond a dog food subscription box to a one-stop shop for pet care throughout all life stages. While offering a variety of diet forms from fresh cooked to dry shelf-stable food to meet your dog’s specific needs, membership provides far more than just food.

To help support good health, members get free access to veterinary professionals from Kabo’s Pet Health Experts—a valuable service that helps members know they’re not alone when going through the challenges of raising a dog. Subscribers also enjoy access to a marketplace with an array of exclusive goods including seasonal treats such as Kabo’s low-fat ice cream for dogs, only available in July during National Ice Cream Month. And of course, the Kabo community lets members connect online and at live events. 

Just like with humans, what we feed our dogs can improve their quality of life and extend it. “I only wish I came across this therapeutic diet when Kabo was struggling with her health,” says Jeyapalan. Now, through Kabo’s namesake, “We want to continue evolving our mission to help pet parents feel like they aren’t alone in this journey. From the daily ritual of what they should feed their pet to on-going care that can help them live happier and healthier lives.”

To learn more about Kabo’s fresh dog food delivery and new hypoallergenic diet, visit kabo.co.

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