How to Avoid Crazy Static Hair this Winter!

Your skin isn’t the only thing in need of moisture come winter. From parched strands to pesky flyaways, here’s how to solve one of the season’s toughest hair problems with the help of Pantene.

The key to managing your mane when the mercury drops? Moisture! Since winter air is as dry as it is cold, your hair becomes parched and full of static, especially when you add arid electric heat to the mix. Dry air leads to static because it strips your hair of moisture, causing your mane to lose electrons and build up a positive charge. Your strands then start to push off one another, like two negative magnets repelling each other, rather than flowing together. All that friction from your cozy sweaters, woolly coats and fuzzy scarves doesn’t help either, leading to flyaway strands that can make it look like a balloon just floated across the top of your head. The obvious solution to fighting static, of course, is to moisturize your hair throughout the winter so that its charge remains neutral. Here’s how to get your tresses back on track with a much-needed moisture boost.

Don’t rely on shampoo alone. Of course, cleansing your hair is certainly a good start, but with dry winter air sapping your strands all day long, washing your hair without using conditioner simply won’t provide enough static-fighting moisture on its own.

If you want to tame those gravity-defying strands with proper dose of moisture, be sure to use a conditioner from root to tip after every wash.

Don’t skimp on product. Winter is no match for Pantene’s conditioning products, which feature powerful moisturizers that hydrate and strengthen hair from the inside out without weighing it down.

Damaged hair is prone to dryness, so do look for reparative ingredients, like the Pro Vitamin B5 and antioxidant actives found in Pantene conditioner, to restore and improve the health of your hair with every use.

Although you may have heard that running your hair under cool water can make it appear shiny and smooth, don’t waste your time with a cold rinse. There is limited evidence to support this claim — unlike conditioner, which is scientifically proven to give your hair cuticles a glossy sheen.

Your hair is at risk all winter, whether you are outdoors or inside. Do protect your strands with static-fighting styling products like Pantene Repair & Protect Detangler, a leave-in spray that conditions and shields each strand to keep your crowning glory healthy, sleek and static-free straight through the cold season.