Hellmann’s® Real Food Movement®

The Hellmann’s® Real Food Movement® recognizes access to fresh foods is a problem that hits close to home.

Hellmann’s® Real Food Movement®
No one should go hungry because they can’t afford food. Yet 1 in 5 Canadians live in food deserts, with limited access to affordable, fresh, real food. Food deserts exist across Canada but are much more prevalent in the northern territories, where the price of a simple tomato can skyrocket, if real food is even available.

Fresh tomatoes can cost up to 7x more in food deserts than in urban centres.

Food insecurity isn’t a foreign problem, it’s a real issue right here at home—and one that we can help solve, together.

Hellmann’s® RealHellmann’s® commitment

The Hellmann’s® Real Food Movement® was founded in 2007 to connect Canadian families to real food. We believe all Canadians deserve access to fresh, real foods, and we are dedicated to supporting sustainable solutions to help Canada’s food desert problem.

Help us spread the word about food deserts in Canada.

Visit realfoodmovement.ca to sign the petition.

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