Now your family can access everyone’s favourite shows and movies in one place with Optik TV

With your TV and streaming services in one package, life is about to get a whole lot easier.

You’ve got Netflix to watch the next season of The Crown. Crave for The Handmaid’s Tale. hayu for your Below Deck fix and Food Network because well, what’s life without Ina Garten on a Saturday morning? It’s amazing that we live in a world with so many entertainment options. What’s not so fantastic is each one charging you with an individual bill every month.

Well, what if we told you there was a way you could bundle your TV and streaming services into one place—and one bill? And even choose exactly what’s in that bundle? This isn’t a fever dream of convenience, ease and value. It’s Optik TV.

Now you don’t have to choose between streaming services as your favourite shows come and go—with Optik TV, you get the best of both worlds with TV and multiple streaming services. (Plus, you save money!)

What is Optik TV?

Available in Alberta and British Columbia, Optik TV is the ultimate entertainment solution. Powered by TELUS, it’s a way to get all your favourites in one place. No toggling between devices, apps or login info required. And you don’t have to choose between traditional TV and streaming services: Optik TV makes it effortless to have your Crave (or hayu) cake and eat it too (after watching The Great Canadian Bake Off on CBC, of course.)

How does Optik TV work?

You can choose from over 300 channels individually or opt for a theme pack (or five!) Addicted to drama from shows like Suits and 90 Day Fiancé? The Prime Time theme pack, which includes channels like TLC and A&E is made for you. Love Fixer Upper and Iyana: Fix My Life in equal measure? Tick off that Living theme box. If you’re gearing up for a cozy winter of reality TV, Sherlock reruns and Hallmark movies, you’ll want the Lifestyle & Beyond theme, which includes W, Slice and BBC Canada.

Can I get streaming services on Optik TV?

That’s the whole point. Optik TV lets you bundle your preferred streaming services in with your traditional TV so you save money…and the hassle of dealing with all those individual bills each month. In fact, Optik TV is so into making sure you’ve got access to your streaming faves they’re actually the only provider in Canada to include Netflix or hayu or Crave+Movies+HBO in its new TV packages at no additional cost*—and even more streaming options are coming in 2020. It couldn’t be easier to use; just go to channel 422 and you’re on Netflix!

Anything else I should know about Optik TV?

Optik TV has the largest PVR capacity, so you can say goodbye to deleting episodes you haven’t gotten around to watching yet just to make space. They also have the largest number of channels available in 4K, an emerging technology that’s ultra-ultra-ultra high definition. Plus, Optik has a huge on-demand library … just in case you ever get through watching everything there is on Netflix, Crave, hayu or whichever streaming services you decide to bundle.

Get Optik TV now at http://telus.com/optiktv.


*Conditions apply. See telus.com for details.