7 Ways To Elevate Your Guest Room For The Holidays

Celebrity interior designer Debra Salmoni’s tips for creating a warm and welcoming space

The holidays are here! Time for festive decorations, spirited celebrations and, for many, overnight guests. “You have to make sure guests have what they need to be comfortable,” says celebrity interior designer Debra Salmoni. The owner and principal designer of Debra Lillian Design, and Scott McGillivray’s go-to design guru on HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House Rules, she’s a pro at creating fabulous guest-friendly spaces.

Here are Salmoni’s tips for giving your guest room a holiday refresh—and your guests the gift of restful sleep—with help from Sleep Country.

Adopt a Goldilocks approach

Some people sleep “hot,” others are always too cold. Whether you’re hosting your in-laws or welcoming friends from abroad, providing temperature-regulating bedding can make everyone’s sleep just right. “An all-season duvet and a weighted blanket give your guests the options they need,” says Salmoni, who suggests the If Only Home Organic Cotton Duvet.

For an extra-soothing slumber, she suggests the BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket, exclusive to Sleep Country. Its 20-pound weight encourages the release of the “love hormone” oxytocin, which promotes more restful sleep.

Don’t skimp on sheets

“There’s no need to spend a fortune,” says Salmoni, “but nothing is worse than sleeping on rough sheets.” She prefers organic cotton, like the silky-soft PÜR Organic Cotton Sheet Set.

Provide pillow possibilities

“Comfy pillows can make or break someone’s sleep,” Salmoni says. Offer guests a “universal” pillow, such as the non-allergenic Fieldcrest Luxury Microgel Pillow, which suits every sleep style.

You could also invest in customizable pillows—such as The Simba Pillow—so guests can choose their preferred level of support.

Presentation matters

For Salmoni, a neutral comforter or duvet cover, such as the one in the Bamboo Nights Duvet Cover Set, makes a terrific blank canvas. (Bonus: bamboo fabric is great for guests with sensitive skin!)

Inject pops of colour and a bit of pattern and texture with throws or blankets, like the luxuriously soft Kingsdown Chunky Chenille Throw, she says.

Salmoni suggests bold, fun cushions, such as the Eddie Bauer Cabin Plaid Stag Throw Cushion, to easily “switch up the vibe of the room around certain holidays.”

Supply sleep essentials

“Add a welcome basket of goodies,” says Salmoni. The Sleep Well Box contains everything a guest needs for a comfy, cosy stay: a plush robe, slippers and an eye mask.

Make the room feel good. Literally.

“You want soft textures that make it impossible for your guests to leave the bed,” she says. Consider a tufted headboard, such as the plush Malouf Milan Headboard.

Salmoni recommends adding cosy touches to your guest room, such as the ultra-soft Kingsdown All Season Faux Fur Throw.

Decorative pillows — like the luxurious Kingsdown 2pk Euro Cushion — can give your guest room a swanky-hotel feel.

Finish with flair (and fragrance)

“I like to use a linen spray to tie everything together,” says Salmoni. Her pick: the Tranquil Lavender Linen Spray, which helps foster a soothing sleep-inducing environment for your guests. “They will never forget staying with you,” she says.

For more ways to enhance your guest room this season, explore Sleep Country Canada’s Holiday Gift Shop.

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