5 nutritious egg hacks you and your family will love

Embrace the “easy” at home with these protein-packed tips!

Mediterranean Salad Bowl

Between work, kids and life finding a way to keep upping the ‘whelm’, it’s time to get comfortable with choosing the easy way. Starting by reimagining the main squeeze of breakfast, lunch and dinner: the protein. A serving of two eggs provides 13 grams of protein, offering a solution for quick, filling and healthy meals. Crack your protein predicament with these easy anytime egg hacks like microwave frittata in a cup, muffin pan poached eggs and sensational Shakshuka. You won’t be disappointed by these meals that’ll put the ease in “seconds please” when hosting family and friends.

1. Hard-boiled eggs make easy snack hacks

Herby Cream Cheese Boiled Egg Snack

Let’s put a little pep in your meal-prep and elevate the protein-packed boiled egg. Whether you like them runny or firm, boiled eggs are a tasty snack tactic. If you want a satisfying snack to tide you over between meals, you’ll want to eat one that’s protein-rich. Why? Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, which means that a snack with protein will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Try these easy recipes to jazz up your boiled egg snack.  Add hemp, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds for a healthy crunch; or an amazing yogurt dipping sauce, or a seaweed and soya sauce combination that’s simply sensational.

2. Boom-Shakshuka: Prep dinner for the whole family in only one dish

Shakshuka Dinner

This easy, one-dish Mediterranean delight isn’t so much about skill as it is about the skillet. This cast-iron classic finds the perfect blend of flavour, nourishment and convenience that will make this family favourite one you’re happy to cook again. And with a total of 52 grams of protein from the eight eggs included, this dish is sure to keep everyone full and satisfied, too!

3. Turn off the oven and embrace coffee cup frittata

Morning Mug Spinach and Cheddar Frittata

Fun for the whole family and ready for the pickiest of palettes. You’ll be replacing pizza-making night, as your family has fun picking their own toppings for their personalized frittata in a cup. Then, it’s as easy as popping their cup creations in the microwave—et voilà.

4. Poach dozens of eggs at once with a muffin pan

Muffin Pan Poached Eggs

Have you ever poached a dozen eggs in a frothy whirlpool of boiling water? We haven’t either, because of this tasty tip for a perfect poach in a little over 10 minutes. With your muffin pan, a little water, an egg and some seasoning, you’ll be accessorizing every meal with these perfect yolk pouches. Try them on any of these recipes. Eggs are a nutritious addition to any meal and contain nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, choline, iron and folate!

5. Use up your leftover veggies in easy egg dishes

Feta and Pea Shoot Omelette

To save the vegetables at the bottom of your refrigerator crisper before they start to wilt, all you need is eggs! It’s easy to load up on fresh produce this time of year, but if you have too many veggies on hand, add them to easy egg dishes like omelettes and frittatas. This easy omelette recipe is infinitely customizable, perfect for adding in any extra veggies that you have. For more inspiration on pairing eggs with veggies, check out these four healthy reasons why eggs and veggies are the best combo.

So get more quality time at mealtime with these hacks – we’re sure it’ll go over easy. Visit eggs.ca and check out @eggsoeufs on Instagram or Facebook for a collection of tips, tricks and recipes the whole family will love.

Let’s get cracking!