5 Hair Tips for Surviving Winter

Is winter sucking the life out of your locks? For healthy-looking hair all season long, smooth your strands and fight damage with these moisture-boosting, daily care tips.

1. Wash away damage. With freezing winds, dry indoor air and heat-styling tools, your hair is even more prone to damage in the wintertime. Revive your mane the moment you step into the shower with the help of a restorative shampoo. Look for a nutrient-rich product like Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo, which features a dual-polymer formula to gently cleanse your hair while damage-defying antioxidants get to work strengthening and safeguarding your locks from the inside out.

2. Don’t skip the conditioner! Don’t be surprised if winter leaves your hair standing on end. All that static is due to a lack of moisture, which leads to dry, flyaway locks. To tame parched strands during the winter months, apply a hydrating and smoothing product like Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner after every wash. With a reparative combination of nutrients, antioxidants and micro-moisturizers to condition each strand, it effectively restores manageability and shine, even long after you’ve rinsed it out.

3. Get to the root of the problem. Think you can give your hair more body by using conditioner only at the tips? Think again. Your hair is exposed to damage from root to tip, especially in the wintertime. That’s why you need to apply a strengthening conditioner from top to bottom for fuller hair all over, with less breakage and fewer flyaways.

4. Treat wet hair with care. Roughly rubbing wet hair with a towel can lead to brittle strands and split ends — never a good look when you’re already dealing with a weather-parched mane. Cut down on damage-causing friction by switching up coarser towels for a t-shirt or microfiber cloth, and gently squeeze your hair to absorb excess water, rather than running the fabric up and down along the hair shaft.

5. Bet on a beauty balm. You would never leave the house in the winter without moisturizer (or a coat!), so why leave your hair out in the cold? Protect your strands from extreme outdoor weather and dry indoor heat with a multitasking treatment like Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Cream. Bringing the skin-saving sensation of BB and CC creams to hair care, the benefit-packed formula moisturizes, mends, detangles, strengthens, smooths, styles, controls frizz, and adds silky softness, manageability and shine in one shot, without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling behind. Simply use on wet or dry hair for an all-in-one way to cure your winter-hair woes!