DIY milk glass centrepieces for Easter

Make a quick and inexpensive centrepiece for your spring entertaining with easy DIY milk glass

DIY milk glass vases

Sharalee Mushore

Milk glass is often highly coveted and sought after by collectors and vintage lovers alike. Crisp white and often with beautiful patterns and textures, these pieces are always a beautiful compliment for displaying brightly coloured flowers or fruit. Due to this coveted status, scoring a piece at a thrift shop can be quite rare and sometimes expensive. If you love this fresh look, but haven’t the patience or budget to scour all your local vintage markets to build up a collection – here is a quick and easy way to enjoy a milk glass display in your home in just a few minutes.

Materials needed:

  • Glass bottles of different shapes and sizes (try to look for vintage pieces with interesting etching and texture – I picked up these glass bottles at my local Salvation Army store for under $1 each!)
  • White acrylic or latex paint
  • Plastic syringe or plastic spoon
  • Disposable plastic or paper cups


1. Thoroughly wash all of the vases and remove any residue from the interior.

2. Pour about 1/4 cup of paint into one of the plastic cups, then fill your syringe about half way full of paint (skip this part if you are not using a syringe).

3. Squirt the paint into your glass vase, or carefully spoon in about two teaspoons of paint. Don’t worry if some areas of the interior are still bare.

4. Slowly roll the vase around the distribute the paint around the interior of the vase.

5. Allow the paint to dry for just a few minutes, then repeat step 4 to ensure a thick, even coat inside.

6. Pour any excess paint into the extra disposable cup.

7. Allow the vases to dry overnight before using them.

8. Fill them with brightly coloured spring flowers from the garden or local market and wait for the compliments!

Craft by Sharalee Mushore and Camille Byrne.