The top 10 wine accessories

Must-have items for everyone who loves their vino

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The top 10 wine accessories
Must-have items for everyone who loves their vino

<area onclick="caption('Carafe with filter
Equipped with a stainless steel funnel for easy refilling and filtration of wine deposits, this glass carafe can even be used to filter water and other beverages (when you decide to take it easy on the vino). Available at, $20.’);” href=”#” coords=”239,11,343,114″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Stopper and pump set
Preserve your fave wine longer with this stopper set. The pump removes air while the cap seals the bottle, slowing down oxidation. Available at Canadian Tire, $13.’);” href=”#” coords=”349,31,453,134″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Stainless steel angled wine cooler
Fans of white wine will love this handy gadget designed to cool your bevvy to the ideal drinking temperature – and keep it there. Available at, $40.’);” href=”#” coords=”465,107,571,210″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption(' Set of two dripless wine rings
Don’t waste a drop of wine (and keep your white table cloth stain-free) with this chic and practical dripless wine ring. Available at Trudeau, $7.’);” href=”#” coords=”462,222,570,325″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption(' Glass ice bucket
Chill your white wine in this glass ice bucket, sure to impress guests on all occasions. Available at Winners, $50.’);” href=”#” coords=”351,310,453,411″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Jewel bottle stopper
Not only does this jewel stopper conserve your favourite wine, it glams up the look of any bottle. Available at, $22.’);” href=”#” coords=”241,326,343,429″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Stainless steel sphere
Place this sphere in your decanter and pour any wine over it for extra oxygenation. Simply remove the stainless steel ball when youâ??re ready to serve – an easy task, thanks to the little stem. Available at Vinum Design, $25.’);” href=”#” coords=”127,310,229,414″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Set of 4 Riedel glasses
Available in a gift tube, this set of four Riedel glasses is ideal for imbibing red wines with a couple friends. Available at Vinum Designs, $35.’);” href=”#” coords=”16,226,116,328″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Stainless steel foil cutter
Before you pop the cork, use this little gadget fitted with four circular blades to neatly slice the foil seal for a simple and effective way to enjoy your vino. Available at Trudeau, $8.’);” href=”#” coords=”15,109,116,212″ shape=”rect”/> <area onclick="caption('Leonardo decanter
Decanting does wonders for the aroma and oxidation of younger wine. It also purifies vintage varieties by separating any deposits from the wine. Wow guests with this sleek, displayable version. Available at William Ashley and home decor boutiques across Canada, $66.’);” href=”#” coords=”123,30,227,134″ shape=”rect”/>