The other love of your life

Soma Chocolate’s The Dark Fire chocolate bar is our food editor’s pick for product of the month

Treat your valentine to bites of decadently rich handmade chocolate. Thanks to Toronto chocolate maker

David Castellan, you’ll now have two loves in your life! He’s the chocolate alchemist and owner of Soma Chocolate who turns bitter cocoa beans into silky smooth bars – a tricky and time-consuming passion. Castellan controls every step of the process, from roasting and grinding the beans to flavouring the chocolate and creating bars, truffles and other sumptuous treats. Diehard chocolate lovers should try Soma’s The Dark Fire chocolate bar (100 g/$8), full of exotic flavours including hints of chili pepper, cinnamon and ginger. It’s no wonder Castellan called his store Soma, which in ancient times was the name of a mysterious drink known as the food of the gods. His chocolates are truly heavenly!