Watch us recreate an ultra-retro, extremely green 1977 Jell-O-cucumber dessert

Presenting a Chatelaine recipe straight out of the 70s: a groovy lemon-lime Jell-O mould, ringed with crisp cucumber slices.

To quote ourselves, circa 1977, “Nothing says coolness like the tangy, refreshing taste of summer cucumbers!” As Canada’s 15oth birthday approaches, we’re digging deep into the Chatelaine archives for our “Retro Delights” series, to unearth and recreate some of our grooviest (and most structurally creative — or in some cases, downright bizarre) recipes from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Here, we present the Cucumber Refresher, a jiggly lemon-lime Jell-O ring with crisp cucumber slices suspended around the centre. The trick is all in how you flip the mould.

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