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8 delicious banana desserts

Go bananas this weekend with chocolatey bread, cream pie and tropical sorbet (to name a few).

Bought a lot of bananas? They’ll ripen on the counter over a few days, but if you’re looking to speed things up, keep them in a paper bag, or a plastic bag with holes in it. (Adding a fully ripe piece of fruit in will also help quicken the process.)

If you’ve already left them out a few days, and suddenly the skins are starting to sport dark spots and streaks, they’re becoming overripe. But, at this stage they also have a stronger banana flavour – perfect for banana bread! If you don’t have time to bake, simply peel them, bag them, and freeze them for later use.

Note: At this stage, you can also freeze them in chunks to thicken and chill your morning smoothie, without having to use ice.

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