Quiz: What kind of eater are you?


You graze or peck until your stomach is somewhere around half full. Feeling a little hungry suits your style. Just be careful—make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients and that you sport a healthy body weight. Also, remember you’re eating style should reflect how you feel the best, not how you want to look more like J-Lo. To increase your appetite, try exercising.

Covert operator
You regularly hide food and then munch on it secretly. You aren’t worried that someone might take your stash, but you are worried about how you’ll look shoving that bagel in your mouth. Remember, what you eat is your business, whether you do it in front of all your co-workers or locked in your car. If you’re worthy of those licorice allsorts in your desk drawer, why not be worthy of them on the top of your desk? That way, you can share, too. For a better handle on your diet, try banishing the shame of eating and enjoy.

Whether it’s chicken noodle soup or crème brûlée, eating is a healthy, pleasant part of your day. Not only do you embrace the beauty, aroma and nourishment of just about every kind of food out there, but you share your enthusiasm with others. Your slow savouring style means you rarely eat too much or too little. If you haven’t already, take your taste buds abroad in search of culinary delights, you’re guaranteed to enhance your craft.

Not unlike the tribe members from the reality TV show, your goal is to get something in your stomach. As long as it’s simple and edible, you’re mowing down. You like quick meals best, so you can get on with your day. Suggestion: filling up is fine, just don’t forget your fruit and veggies.

Bungee jumper
As a diet queen, you experience lots of ups and downs and have little opportunity for you to enjoy food. You go from trying to lose weight to throwing in the healthy towel. Then you get ready to try again when you hear about the latest diet trend. Remember, long-term dieting can have negative effects on your health. Re-learning how to enjoy food can go a long way in developing a healthy eating pattern. And if you’re really struggling, see your doctor.

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