Victoria Day fireworks party menu

One of my favourite long weekend activities is watching fireworks, and what better way to enjoy them than at a backyard or rooftop BBQ party?

Grilled margherita pizza

Grilled margherita pizza. (Photo, Angus Fergusson.)

One of my favourite long weekend activities is watching fireworks, and what better way to enjoy them than with a backyard or rooftop BBQ party? If you’re planning your own grilling soiree this Victoria Day, the key is to choose make-ahead recipes that are easy to prepare and that require only a handful of ingredients. This prep and organization will ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the show. Just like the fireworks, these colourful ideas are sure to create a few sparks of their own among your guests:


Flank steak with tomatoes and basil. (Photo, John Cullen.)


These tangy lamb antipasto skewers with herbed feta dressing are easy to prep with just a few ingredients from the deli counter.

Or try grilled flank steak with tomatoes and basil, which is both delicious and impressive.

Our healthy take on buffalo wings, grilled buffalo chicken salad, is easy on the waistline but doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Serve up individual grilled margherita pizzas for a festive and casual gathering (remove the prosciutto for vegetarian guest).




Watermelon and cucumber salad recipePhoto, John Cullen

Watermelon and cucumber salad. (Photo, John Cullen.)


A refreshing watermelon and cucumber salad is the perfect side dish to grilled mains.

Make use of in-season produce with our grilled Italian-bread salad with vegetables.

Celebrate the warm weather with a sunny corn and pasta salad.





Strawberry sangria

Strawberry sangria. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


A pitcher of sangria with bursts of orange slices is the ideal thirst quencher. If you can’t find fresh apricots, canned apricots are a perfectly acceptable substitute.







Raspberry-margarita sorbet recipePhoto by Ryan Szulc

Raspberry-margarita sorbet. (Photo, Ryan Szulc.)


Juicy white-sangria jellies or ruby raspberry-margarita sorbets are delightful nightcaps and desserts all rolled into one!







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