Table for two: a vegetarian dinner menu

Have a vegetarian valentine? From golden crisp tofu to creamy risotto and a sweet toffee treat, dinner will be a flavourful success.

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Baked tomato risotto recipe
Baked tomato risotto recipe

Dinner for two or four is the perfect occasion to try out new and inventive ideas. And this vegetarian menu is a flavourful option to dish up. The main event, a simple baked tomato risotto with goat cheese and spinach, accompanied by a colourful and protein-rich salad is the perfect follow-up to the crispy tofu starter. So, grab a bottle of chilled white wine, sit down with your Valentine, and enjoy a little something different tonight.


Savoury sesame-tofu cake recipe
Savoury sesame-tofu cake recipe


Savoury sesame-tofu cakes
Crisp and golden, these tasty tofu-cakes are served with a hoisin and chili-garlic sauce.







Lighten up hearty root vegetables by tossing them with greens for a healthy supper salad that sings with flavour.
Roasted-vegetable and kale salad recipe


Roasted-vegetable and kale salad
Keep things colourful with this flavourful, protein-rich salad. Kale, roasted peppers, chickpeas and carrots drizzled in a maple dressing? Delicious!

Baked tomato risotto
A simple, creamy risotto that will satisfy even the most carnivorous among us. Perfect with a bottle of crisp white wine.




Banoffee tarts recipe
Banoffee tart. (Photo, Ryan Szulc.)


Banoffee tarts
With a hint of Kahlua and a layer of dulce de leche, this banana tart is rich and delicious. (And only takes 15 minutes to make!)