Traditional Thanksgiving menu

Comforting classics make this October feast extra-memorable. Dig into platefuls of creamy potatoes, savoury stuffing and more with this rustic holiday menu.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner. (Photo Sian Richards.)

Forget formality — celebrate food, family and friends with a rustic, homegrown Thanksgiving feast as beautiful as it is delicious. From the classic sides, carrots, stuffing mashed potatoes, gravy (and more) to a perfect, golden-roasted bird, this meal hits all the high notes. And for dessert, there’s no better way to cap off this enormous feast than with a gorgeous pumpkin pie.


Thanksgiving sides

Thanksgiving sides. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

Sweet and sour carrotschestnut and sage stuffing, creamed kale, parsnip and potato mash
Load up the table with savoury sides, moving from brightly coloured vegetables, to savoury stuffing and a flavourful twist on creamy mashed potatoes.







Honey and herb roasted turkey

Honey and herb roasted turkey.
Photo, Sian Richards.

Honey and herb-roasted turkey
Honey, sage and sherry come together in this sweet and fragrant holiday favourite.








gravy boat

Gravy. (Photo, Ryan Szulc.)

Easiest gravy, cranberry sauce
Once you’ve built the perfect plate, it’s time to add the sauces. (Follow our two-step trick to perfect gravy, and you’ll ace it every time.)







Traditional pumpkin pie

Traditional pumpkin pie. (Photo Ryan Szulc.)

Traditional pumpkin pie
A slice or two of pumpkin pie is wait everyone has been waiting for all year. But, if you’ve invited guests who (gasp) hate this harvest dessert, here’s a backup recipe everyone is sure to enjoy! (Better make both, just to be safe.)







Chocolate-bourbon pecan pie
Pumpkin-ale sweet bread
Sky-high pumpkin pie


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