April showers dinner menu

Chase away the wet-weather blues with a fresh menu that has a touch of warming heartiness to fight the lingering spring chill.

Roberto Caruso

Hot ‘n’ sour soup recipe. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

April showers may bring May flowers, but we still need a boost to help beat the rainy-day blues. Start dinner tonight with cheesy caprese toasts and a citrus salad, and move along to a belly-warming hot n’ sour soup. Cap off the evening with a chocolate-laced endorphin boost to ensure you leave the table with a spring in your step.


Caprese pizza toast

Caprese pizza toast


Quick Caprese-style toasts
Gooey cheese and springtime pesto makes these crunchy toasts irresistible!







You'll love this green salad tossed with pine nuts, sweet mandarin and salty prosciutto.

Watercress, fennel and mandarin salad.
Photo, John Cullen.


Watercress, fennel and mandarin salad
Fresh watercress and subtly liquorice-flavoured fennel get a vitamin C boost from sweet mandarins in this delicious salad.







Roberto Caruso

Hot ‘n’ sour soup.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Hot ‘n’ sour soup
Caught in the rain on your bike? Us too! Best way to warm up when chilled to the bone is a warm bowl of hot and spicy soup.







French crepes. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

French crepes.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


French crepes
Don’t think you have time for dessert? Cheer up your rainy day with these 10-minute crepes. (P.S. There’s always time for dessert!)