Our favourite no-cook, 10-minute summer recipes

You won't break a sweat preparing these quick and tasty no-cook recipes. From start to finish, each one takes only 10 minutes to make

As summer temperatures keep rising and new record-highs are hit, mealtimes can begin to pose a bit of a challenge. No one really wants to be reaching into heat-gaping ovens, standing over boiling pots on the stove or even tending to barbecue infernos. However, we’ve got you covered for at least one meal because you won’t break a sweat preparing these quick and tasty no-cook, 10-minute recipes.


Crudites jars with Moroccan hummus

This recipe is crazy-simple to make and tastes and looks fantastic. A medley of spices — like cinnamon and cumin — and the addition of tomato paste, give this Middle Eastern staple a Moroccan twist. (This recipe does involve some stovetop preparation, but the hummus will keep refrigerated for up to one week.)



Broccoli slaw with peanut dressing

A creamy-cool concoction of all-natural peanut butter, lime juice, ginger and roasted peanuts magically turns store-bought broccoli slaw more smooth and nutty.



Shrimp and Mango Noodle Salad

Here is another one of our sweet-spicy flavour favourites. Translucent bean thread noodles (also called Chinese vermicelli) act as the perfect cushion for an eclectic mix of juicy mango and chilled shrimp. Hot chili-garlic sauce and fresh herbs liven things up even more.



Ginger-berry cookies and cream

This dessert was inspired by English trifle, but we riffed on the classic to make it easier, quicker and a bit more chic. Add a splash of sherry to the berries for an extra flavour hit.