Oscar-night: easy entertaining menu

Steal a little glitz and glamour for yourself this weekend with a bottle of bubbly and a dressed-up dinner menu.


formal table setting dining dinner

Photo, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Jennifer Evans.

Add some glitz to Oscar-night at home with an easy entertaining menu. Start with a sparkling citrus cocktail, and work your way through an array of crostini that are dressed to kill (think roasted grapes with goat cheese and rosemary, or creamy camembert, with roasted lemon and honey), before sitting down to a light and zesty garlic-shrimp pasta. For the grand finale, pop up our favourite sweet kettle corn to munch on as the show gets underway.


The Audrey

The Audrey


The Audrey
A sparkling glass of OJ, Prosecco, and red vermouth, garnished with brown sugar and an orange wedge.








Crostini. (Photo, Maya Visneyi.)


Glamourous crostinis
It’s a simple formula that will never steer you wrong. Top crostini with any soft cheese and something roasted or toasted. Season with something flavourful (herbs, syrups) and serve.






Garlic shrimp and feta linguine.

Garlic shrimp and feta linguine. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


Garlic shrimp and feta linguine
Garlicky shrimp, peppery arugula, crumbled feta, jalapeno and lime give this lovely linguine colour and kick.







Fairground kettlecorn popcorn

Fairground kettle corn. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


Fairground kettle corn
Sweet, salty and delicious, this snack takes you from table to TV for the start of the show!