Best recipes for movie night

Skip trudging through the snow and host movie night at home! With our menu, you won't miss the cinema's buttery offerings — and the best seats in the house are already reserved.

Bowl of popcorn

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On a chilly winter night it makes sense to make movie night an in-house event, and with our delicious recipe ideas you won’t feel deprived of the cinema’s buttery offerings. Better yet, you can enjoy at cocktail at home after a long week and your seats are already reserved. Bring together your favourite people, put on your comfiest clothes, whip up these simple recipes and cue up the latest blockbuster. A perfect night, and you deserve it.

Spiced fruit and nut popcorn


Salted caramel popcorn
A night at the movies isn’t complete without popcorn. This salty-sweet treat lasts for up to five days, so you can save the leftovers.

Spiced fruit and nut popcorn
Make two bowls of popcorn – sweet and savoury – to settle flavour disputes. In just 10 minutes this nutty, spiced snack will be ready to munch on.





BBQ chicken pizza



BBQ chicken pizza
This favourite pizza recipe is ready in 30 minutes – get it ready for the oven while discussing your movie options, and you’ll have time for a pre-show cocktail.








Modern margherita pizza
This vegetarian option is a delicious twist on a classic, and when made in individual rounds, no slicing required!








Austrian supermodel cocktail
Our light and refreshing beer cocktail will tickle your taste buds with a flavourful blend of grapefruit, Galliano and Chambord – topped with Austrian beer.





Easy truffle pops



Easy truffle pops 
These bite-sized delights are quick to make and refrigerate for up to a week. Make them the night before, and you’re all set for a chocolatey movie treat.