A hearty chicken pot pie menu for a cold night

We love this menu's starring dish of creamy chicken pot pie, topped with flaky cheddar biscuits, and the supporting dishes are pretty great too.

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Chicken pot pie recipe

As we start bundling up in our wooly sweaters, another way to keep warm (that’s way more fun) is digging into some seriously delicious fall comfort food. This menu, starring creamy chicken pot pie topped with flaky cheddar biscuits, is almost a meal in itself. Pour a couple glasses of red wine and after everyone goes in for seconds, pull out some quick tiramisu, and then toast to dessert!

Warm mushroom and arugula salad
Peppery arugula and baked, golden mushrooms give salad a makeover for fall. Top with shaved parmesan, and serve.

Warm mushroom-arugula salad

Warm mushroom-arugula salad recipe
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Creamy chicken with cheddar biscuits
A variation on a classic, this pot pie skips using pastry in favour of flaky cheddar biscuits.

10-minute tiramisu
Served with ladyfingers, these chocolate-espresso delights can be made a day ahead, letting you relax comfortably with your guests.

10-minute tiramisu recipe

10-minute tiramisu recipe