Fresh end-of-summer harvest menu

Before you bid a fond farewell to the sunshine season, grab the last few baskets of in-season produce and toast summer with a colourful and fresh dinner.

Heirloom caprese salad

Heirloom caprese salad
Photo by Robert Caruso

The official start of autumn is not too far off, so let’s bid a fond farewell to the past four glorious months by enjoying the end-of-season harvest with in-season produce. These dishes all celebrate ingredients that have spent the season growing and thriving under the radiant summer sun.

(Ivan/Getty images.)

(Ivan/Getty images.)


Classic mojito
If you’ve been growing mint in your garden, harvest it for a pitcher of mojitos. It’s the perfect fresh cocktail to help you bid farewell to summer.

Heirloom caprese salad
The bar has been raised for this classic and simple Italian dish thanks to gorgeous sweet-tart heirloom tomatoes, mint-citrus Thai basil and dark, rich balsamic glaze.




Steak with fresh corn polenta

Photo, Erik Putz.


Steak with fresh corn polenta
Grilled (or pan-fried) steak served over fresh, creamy corn polenta is a simple way to highlight those last ears of corn you’re seeing in stores.







Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Apple and plum tart
Photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorff


Almond and plum tart
Tangy plums are nestled in a melt-in-your-mouth almond filling on a no-fail shortbread crust.








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