Spicy chicken tostadas menu

Staying in to watch the game tonight? Whether you're serving a small crew or a rowdy crowd – there's something on this menu for everyone.

BBQ-chicken tostadas

Spicy chicken tostadas. Photo, John Cullen.


Have some fun with tonight’s menu, and load the table with delicious, easy eats. Whether you’re watching the game on TV, hosting a few friends or simply in the mood to add some extra spice to dinner, our smooth vegetable dip, tasty tostadas and a creamy tres leches cake will steal the show.


Spicy caesar cocktail

Spicy caesar cocktail. Photo, Sian Richards.


Classic spicy caesar
Classic Canadiana, perfect for hockey night. Serve these with dinner and keep the tall boys on ice for the puck drop.






Wasabi-edamame dip

Wasabi-edamame dip. Photo, Michael Alberstat.


Wasabi-edamame dip
Add some heat to the vegetable plate with this creamy dip (that takes just 10 minutes to make).






BBQ-chicken tostadas

BBQ-chicken tostadas. Photo, John Cullen.


BBQ-chicken tostadas
Save time and grab a BBQ rotisserie chicken on your way home. Whip up our simple salsa verde and chop up some toppings and people can build their own tostadas before game-time.






Tres leches coconut cake

Tres leches coconut cake recipe.
Photo, Erik Putz.


Tres leches coconut cake
Make this creamy cake ahead of time and let it chill in the fridge until you’re ready to dish it up for the crowd.