Hearty chili and cornbread menu

Our super-fast stovetop recipe has all the goods—a beefy tomato base with beans, cheese and spices—without a lot of wait-time.

Roberto Caruso

Super-fast chili recipe
Roberto Caruso

Tonight, we’re staying cozy with a hearty chili menu, the perfect cure for the cold-weather blues. Our super-fast stovetop recipe has all the signature goods, including a beefy tomato base, beans, cheese and spices. So this week, invite over a few friends, add a basket of cornbread muffins to the table, a six-pack of beer, and warm up with a bowl (or two) of hearty chili.

Classic cornbread
With Southwestern and Tex-mex variations, you can find a style to suit everyone’s taste. Keep it classic in a loaf pan, make them into muffins, or get an old-fashioned look by using a cast iron skillet.

Classic cornbread

Classic cornbread recipe










Super-fast chili
A traditional pot of chili made just the way you like it, with an added bonus: it doesn’t take hours to cook!

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