Beachside picnic menu

Alfresco dining is easier than ever with these perfect picnic dishes.

picnic on the beach

Beachside picnic menu.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Break out the wicker basket! With this fresh and oh-so-tasty make-ahead menu, alfresco dining has never been easier. From a simple summer salad to a sweet treat for dessert, this picnic covers all the bases.

Pimm's cup jellies.

Pimm’s cup jellies.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Cocktail (with a twist!)
Pimm’s cup jellies
Charming little jars are easy to carry — and they give this picnic a retro-cool vibe.








Cucumber and potato salad.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Cucumber and potato salad.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Cucumber-potato salad
A make-ahead potato salad packed with herbs for a punch of fresh flavour.








Nicoise muffuletta sandwich.

Nicoise muffuletta sandwich.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Niçoise muffuletta sandwich
Layer Mediterranean ingredients into a hollowed-out artisanal loaf to make the oversize sandwich. Pack it whole and bring a serrated knife to cut it up at the beach.







Bourbon-pecan blondies

Bourbon-pecan blondies.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Bourbon-pecan blondies
Rich, buttery dessert bars can be sliced at home. Wrapped with wax paper and a bit of simple twine, they’re an edible present for guests.








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