Backyard BBQ menu with the best-ever burger

In addition to a time-honoured burger and a twist on potato salad, we've added some extras to the menu to impress your guests.

The new classic burger

The new classic burger.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.

The first long weekend is almost here, so let’s fire up the grill and launch barbecue season in style! In addition to a time-honoured burger and a twist on potato salad, we’ve added some extras to the menu to impress your guests: Homemade steak sauce and Italian sodas, plus an appetizer (and a dessert!) made with popping sugar that adds fizzle, snap, and pop to your barbecue party. So kick back and enjoy, keep it simple and relax with burgers on the grill and colourful sodas (or cocktails). And remember to pace yourself. Summer’s just around the corner.


Pink rhubarb pop recipe

Pink rhubarb pop.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Pink rhubarb pop
This 10-minute gourmet recipe means you can serve up good old-fashioned Italian flavour with freshly made syrups. Try making rhubarb, ginger ale, lemon-mint or cream sodas.






popping sugar crunchy shrimp

Popping coconut shrimp.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Popping coconut shrimp
This is a great snack to pass around while the burgers are still cooking. Dipped in sweet Thai chili sauce, toasted coconut and popping sugar — this is an appetizer that will surprise guests with it’s sweet, spicy and sparkling flavours.





Watermelon and cucumber salad recipePhoto by John Cullen

Watermelon and cucumber salad recipe.
Photo, John Cullen.


Watermelon and cucumber-mint salad
We already love salads with slices of fruit such as apple or mango, and watermelon salads are even easier to make. Choose a melon that is long, it provides a good-size serving bowl for the finished creation.






Red potatoes not only add a vibrant pop of colour to this classic side dish, they also hold their shape better than other potato varieties so leftovers will be equally fantastic.

Baby red potato salad.
Photo, John Cullen.

Baby red-potato salad
A staple dish for a crowded barbecue, this salad uses grainy French mustard in the dressing — and has a more classic Dijon flavour. Made a bit ahead of time, it will keep you out of the kitchen and in the backyard with your guests.

The new classic burger 
With tomatoes, aged cheddar and crisp bacon — we added arugula, lemon-pepper aioli and more cheddar (smoked this time), giving a delicious and simple update to a classic recipe.



Brit-style steak sauce

Brit-style steak sauce.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Brit-style steak sauce
This tangy sauce can be used on burgers, wings, vegetables and tofu. With four variations, you can use this sauce to marinate or baste anything you’re throwing on the grill this weekend.






popping sugar creme brulee

Popping sugar creme brulee.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Popping sugar creme brûlée
A sweet treat you can make ahead and refrigerate, these sparkling desserts will win over any crowd.

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