Autumn brunch menu: Four great recipes

We once asked NYC chef and restaurateur, Rocco DiSpirito, for his best tips for throwing a super fun "foodie" party. What he had to say was very inspiring. To sum up Rocco’s philosophy: Invite your favourite people, don’t sweat it over a fancy menu, serve something bubbly and lots of it.

So in the spirit of chef DiSpirito’s advice, we set out to create a fabulous menu for an autumn brunch; it’s one of the loveliest times to consume some bubbly — in the form of a mimosa!

Drinks and nibbles

After handing your guests their mimosa, keep their other hand occupied with this perfect accompaniment: gorgonzola-walnut toasts. These are so easy to make and so delicious. All you need is a baguette, olive oil, walnut halves, gorgonzola and honey.

brunch recipes: baked three-cheese tomato strata

Main and side

We love roasted tomatoes at this time of year and this incredible baked three-cheese tomato strata makes great use of them. Have you ever seen anything so pretty? Bonus: This recipe pairs nicely with the Prosecco you are already serving.

This beet and carrot salad couldn’t be easier or healthier. Your guests will thank you.

Dessert recipes: apple-pecan olive-oil cake


Staying true to our autumn theme we couldn’t resist an apple dessert. This moist, delicious apple-pecan olive-oil cake is chock full of the seasonal fruit and nuts and has the goodness of whole wheat and olive oil. Make it the night before.

And after brunch, why not invite your guests to pull on something woolly and go for a brisk walk to enjoy the fall colours before they’re gone. At which point you can reflect on Rocco’s wise party words: “There’s nothing better than a human connection to make you feel safe and less hopeless, to make you feel that the world is a great place and you’re so happy to be there. Deep human connection is the most powerful emotion and food and wine have a unique ability to help create that environment but they don’t do that on their own.”