A winter brunch menu

One of our favorite winter activities is hosting; so why not throw a cozy brunch gathering and invite friends in for a hearty midday meal.



Cheddar, pepper and potato bake

This one-dish wonder is ideal for one of your mains; it combines the textures of gooey cheese, soft peppers and crispy potatoes.

Andreas Trauttmansdorff










And, of course, a staple for any brunch is a batch of perfect scrambled eggs. For a punch of colour and nutrition, our warm tomato-feta salad makes an excellent side dish.

Mulled wine










Starter and drinks

When your guests arrive, greet them with warm cranberry bran muffins fresh from the oven and a tray of hot drinks. You can offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. For the latter we suggest hot chocolate spiked with a subtle hint of ginger, and for those interested in a warming glow, try mulled wine with clementines

Roberto Caruso

Roberto Caruso











After the main meal, surprise the group with one last treat: light decadent brownies. Bonus: this low-cal, high-fibre fudge-y delight can be made the day before.