A vegetarian BBQ menu

Dine al fresco and throw a delicious and satisfying vegetarian dinner party that meat lovers will enjoy, too.

Vegetarian BBQ side salads: Herbed brown rice salad, Grilled eggplant salad

Herbed brown rice salad, grilled eggplant salad.
Photo, Angus Fergusson.

Skip going to the butcher for this weekend’s BBQ, and lighten things up with a variety-packed, meatless menu! Just call a few friends over, and dine alfresco with a delicious and satisfying vegetarian dinner that meat lovers will enjoy, too.


Herbed brown rice salad

Herbed brown rice salad.
Photo, Angus Fergusson.


Herbed brown rice salad
Lemon juice, honey and fresh herbs really make this salad pop; it’s light, colourful and so good – a new summer classic.

Grilled eggplant salad
Treat yourself to the sweet-smoky earthiness of grilled eggplant. This salad is an excellent complement to any grilled main.






Tofu and black bean burger.Photo, Erik Putz.

Tofu and black bean burger.
Photo, Erik Putz.


Tofu and black bean burger 
Filling, delicious and topped with crisp veggies and aromatic herbs – everyone at the table will enjoy it!









Vanilla cake with summer fruit.
Photo, John Cullen.


Vanilla cake with summer fruit
Tasty summer fruit dazzles atop this easy but pretty vanilla cake.








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