Festive Boxing Day brunch menu

Plan ahead with this simple and delicious brunch menu, and sit back and relax on Boxing Day

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Start the day by filling the house with the scent of oven-baked croissant sticky-bun bread pudding and you’ll instantly forget how stuffed you were after last night’s dinner. Pair that with a citrusy salad, peameal bacon and a clementine sparkle and start the party all over again!

Croissant sticky-bun bread pudding
Friends and family will love this delicious make-ahead dish that can be served for brunch or dessert. Save your day-old croissants for this recipe – they work best for soaking up all the flavourful ingredients.

Add a side of Christmas peameal bacon for some energizing protein.


Elegant Christmas salad
This salad shines with bright orange segments and dried cranberries – plus you can do most of the prep ahead.


Clementine Sparkle
Clementine juice, orange-flavoured liqueur, and sparkling wine will brighten up your guests. Cheers!

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