Healthy meat marinades

Five delicious rubs to better your barbecues

If you flatten a chicken and weigh it down on the barbecue, it cooks in about half an hour. Our easy rub of five popular spices creates a Middle Eastern flavour.

Before you grill, marinate that meat! Some marinades can provide disease-fighting agents that help prevent heart attacks and cancer, say researchers at the University of Western Ontario. Not a fan of extra sauce? Try adding rosemary to burgers, which helps reduce the cancer-causing compounds that can form during cooking. “It’s all about herbs and marinating,” says Alberta-based dietitian Caroline McAuley.

Looking for some marinade ideas? Here are our five of our healthier variations:

Zesty lemon-pepper marinade
Five-spice rub
Grilled marinated spicy ribs
Grilled Turkish chicken
Mixed chimichurri grill