Food product of the month

Editor's pick: Tracy's Wine Jellies

Delight your taste buds with these sweet and savoury wine jellies, made from a blend of fresh fruits and wines from the Niagara region. Choose from Peach Amaretto, Apple-Cinnamon Chardonnay, Cranberry-Raspberry Merlot, Hot Red Pepper, Saucy Sangria and Vidal Icewine.

Jellies are great for dressing up a cheese plate or as an accompaniment to pork, chicken and fish. They can also be used as glazes for oven roasts, toppings for cheesecake and fruit flans or spreads for toast or warm croissants. Tracy’s Wine Jellies are available in gourmet food shops across the country, $8 to $10. For more information, visit or call 519-348-4963.