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Dirty Dancing is 30! Here Are 30 Ways To Bring More Watermelon Into Your Life

Celebrate the movie's anniversary — and that iconic line — with a bit of nostalgia and a whole lotta melon.

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“I carried a watermelon” is the first, and deliciously cringe-worthy, sentence a tongue-tied Baby utters to dreamy dance instructor Jonny in 1987’s now legendary film Dirty Dancing  an iconic moment of blunder that came two years before Homer Simpson would smack his head and exclaim his first “doh!”

So in honour of the movie’s 30th anniversary this month (and for anyone who’s ever said the absolute stupidest thing in front of their crush), host a screening with a full-on watermelon themed menu, or, you could celebrate Baby in all her watermelon-carrying glory by finding other ways to bring the sweet summer fruit into your life. From lip balm to hats for cats, here are 30 of them (with nods to different dances, naturally).


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