Easy entertaining: Clothing swap

Trade in your old clothes for (almost) new ones

Ever buy something that looked great in the store but terrible at home? Or what about clothes you’ve only worn once – or still have the tags? If your closet space is becoming limited, it’s time for a clothing swap. Invite a group of friends over with one request: Everyone donates their gently-used clothing and accessories to trade and leaves with a new-to-them wardrobe. Serve a variety of simple appetizers and you’ve put together a fun – and practical – way to spend some quality time with your friends.

What you’ll need
• A full length mirror
• Coat hangers for displaying items*
• Shopping bags

*Depending on the amount of clothing and the space, you may wish to hang items on hangers, so everything is easily accessible. To keep things organized, create piles of jeans, shirts, skirts, etc., and try to arrange similar sizes together.

What to serve

Indulge at the swap, guilt-free, with a few of our favourite low-fat appetizers. Or, pick up some ready-made dips like hummus or roasted red pepper, prepare some pita chips and lay out cheese and crackers.