The two easiest ways to clean leeks

Leeks have many layers of leaves that can trap dirt. These methods clean away all the grit.

The onion’s stalky, slightly less aromatic cousin lends its mild flavour well to soups, creamy risottos and one of our all-time favourites: chicken and leek pie. The base (white) area of the leek contains the most flavour, becoming milder as you progress from the light-green centre of the leaves to its dark green, thick (and somewhat tough) end. And because the layered leaves and root can trap dirt inside, it’s important to clean leeks thoroughly before cooking.

In the video above: 

Method one: Cut the leeks in half-length wise and soak them in a bowl of room-temperature water.

Method two: Cut the leeks into circular slices and place them in a bowl of water. In both cases, the grit will sink to the bottom.

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