Double-duty dinners

Turn one dinner into two with these delicious and versatile meals

With a little extra planning and prep time, you can turn one dinner into two or more deliciously different meals. Take our Moroccan chicken with olives and peppers. We’ve baked in plenty of robust sauce so there’s enough left for a pasta dish. Pump up the sauce with a can of tuna and presto! Another dinner is ready in the time it takes to boil pasta. And while you’re cooking the first meal, why not save a chicken breast to tuck into a Kaiser roll for lunch? You’ll find lots of other time-saving ideas: the sauce from tonight’s Herbed creamy garlic mussels becomes tomorrow’s seafood chowder base, while our Half-hour curry saves you lunch money the next day when you roll up the leftovers in a tortilla.

Today’s dinner: Moroccan chicken gets a fast start with purchased pasta sauce. Plum olives, juicy tomatoes and iron-rich raisins contribute an enticing, exotic flavour.

Tomorrow’s meal: Flavorful sauce saved from the Moroccan chicken bake is the perfect base for a wholesome pasta sauce. Heat and stir in a can of tuna or grated cheese for an instant protein boost.

Today’s dinner: Our Half-hour curry is proof that comforting curry doesn’t require a lot of time. Make this with chickpeas or chicken thighs, which cook to perfection while the curry simmers.

Tomorrow’s meal: For a casual meal, microwave the leftover curry, then, heap it into tortilla, roti wraps or fat crusty buns. Great with a green salad.

Today’s dinner: Roasted salmon steaks with yogurt chutney can be made in less than 15 minutes. The salmon gets its sizzle from a simple spice rub. Mango chutney gives yogurt sauce a tantalizing taste boost.

Tomorrow’s meal: Flake chilled salmon, lightly toss with crisp salad greens, then add an artful drizzle of yogurt chutney sauce for a luxurious meal in minutes.

Today’s dinner: You can’t beat the big-time taste of our
Oriental sherry steak, revved up with soy sauce marinade.

Tomorrow’s meal: For a delicious 10-minute stir-fry, thinly slice refrigerated leftover steak and add to sautéed garlic peppers and snow peas along with a dash of teriyaki sauce.

Today’s dinner: Honey-thyme pork with roasted vegetables is a fabulous and simple dinner. Orange marmalade and Dijon mustard are the secret ingredients that give a fragrant finish to guaranteed fork-tender tenderloin.

Tomorrow’s meal: Craving a creamy paprikash? Heat yesterday’s roasted pork and vegetables in wine or broth with lots of paprika, then swirl in low-fat sour cream and mound on top of buttery noodles.