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Your next cooking club challenge: 3-ingredient ice cream

What's your flavour? Make one (or more) and enter your photo for a chance to win a Vitamix blender!

Triple scoop ice cream cone

Three-ingredient ice cream. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Our cooking club features one great recipe for the entire month, including a prize for the best photo entry. So spread the word to all your friends – with nearly a month to enter, fitting a new recipe onto the menu will be a breeze.

July’s challenge: Three-ingredient cream

No ice cream maker required! Turns out all that’s needed to make incredible homemade ice cream is three ingredients and a freezer. We’re so excited about this new technique that we whipped up 31 delicious flavours to celebrate. So this month, make your favourite flavour (or go all-out and make a few), snap a quick pic, and send it in to us for a chance to win.

The photo

Get creative! Don’t shy away from using colour or props, and experiment with different angles when taking your photo.

The prize

At the end of the month we’ll select the best photo submission and that lucky winner will receive a Vitamix blender from our friends at The Shopping Channel.

Vitamix blender

Whether you need a juicer, ice cream maker, hot soup maker, blender, cheese grater, chopper, meat grinder, ice crusher, peanut butter maker, stick blender, food processor or hand mixer you can tackle any recipe with the Vitamix! And on July 19, save over 20% on this Today’s Showstopper. Shop to learn more.

Click here for contest rules and regulations.

How to post your pic?

Once you have your photo, you can post it one of four ways (make sure you’re not on a private setting):

  • Follow us on Instagram, then post your photo using @ChatelaineKitchen
  • Follow us on Twitter, then tweet us your photo with the hashtag #ChatelaineKitchen
  • Like us on Facebook, then message us your photo
  • Email us your picture at

Get your photos posted by Tuesday, July 28 at noon to be considered for club’s photo gallery, which features the prize-winning photo and all our club entries.