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Winter food trend on menus around the globe: Pomegranate

A curious and sensual fruit, the pomegranate was once a rare treat from the Near East. Now its sweet and sour flavour explosions (and antioxidant health benefits) are featured on menus around the globe and on our doorsteps.

We’ve rounded up four eateries and their must-try dishes with the popular seasonal fruit! Prefer staying in from the cold? Try making these delicious pomegranate recipes to enjoy in the comfort of your home:

Pistachio and almond couscous

Pomegranate bulgur

Pomegranate tabbouleh with pecans

Spiced pomegranate rice

Click her to find out the easiest way to peel and seed a pomegranate.


The Cascade Room, Vancouver, 2616 Main St.

A key player in the West Coast’s hot cocktail scene, the Cascade Room attracts patrons who are serious about beverages.

The chef: Mixologist Nick Devine makes sure the best spirits are combined with fresh homemade mixers.

The drink: The Monkey Gland features gin and orange juice livened up with pastis and grenadine syrup made from fresh pomegranate for a very grown-up take on the Shirley Temple.

Restaurant Su, Montreal, 5145 Rue Wellington.

Turkish cuisine meets fine dining in burgeoning Verdun.

The chef: Fisun Ercan goes beyond kebabs with her sophisticated take on the ancient cuisine at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

The dish: Kuzu Pirzola is grilled local lamb rack rubbed with pistachio and mint pesto and drizzled with pomegranate- and sumac-infused olive oil. Fresh green notes are enhanced by sour sumac and sweet pomegranate to lift the earthy meat.

The Pomegranate, Toronto, 420 College St.

This is an inviting den of Persian coziness, nestled between the Annex and Little Italy.

The chef: Alireza Fakhrashrafi cooks his native Iranian food with love, coaxing complex flavours out of slowly cooked combos.

The dish: Fesenjaan is the classic silky Persian stew of chicken with walnuts and pomegranate syrup served over saffron rice. It’s both comforting and exotic.

Moro, London, U.K., 34-36 Exmouth Market.

Tucked in Exmouth Market, northeast of the West End, this busy resto is a foodie destination in its own right.

The chefs: Husband-and-wife team Sam and Sam Clark burst burst onto the scene in the ’90s with Mediterranean flavours.

The dish: The menu changes daily, but Duck Breast with Pomegranate Molasses is just one way they incorporate a sauce they make by reducing pomegranate juice into a thick brown treacly syrup that retains a sour note to balance the sweet.