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What I ate for dinner last night: Navy bean dinner salad

Navy bean salad
When it comes to deciding what to eat for dinner, this can be a strange time of year – sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s warm. I go from craving soup and stew to wanting salad or a sandwich. Last night I needed a refreshing and light salad. I threw together this super simple, fairly healthy toss in about 10 minutes. In this big bowl: Gently torn romaine and fresh basil leaves Thinly sliced green onions and endive A can of drained and rinsed navy beans Tomatoes, cut into chunky pieces All of the above are tossed with a big dollop of pesto, freshly squeezed lemon juice then sprinkled with salt and pepper For extra protein, I topped it with some leftover chicken and crumbled feta. It doesn’t seem like a very hearty meal but after a big bowl I was surprisingly full.