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Table for two: Fabulous Valentine's Day fondue

This weekend, score points for romance with an elegant, simple (and hands-on) meal.


Chardonnay cheese fondue. (Photo, Ryan Szulc.)

Whether you’re serving a cheese fondue as an entree or want a little chocolate to top off your dinner, this (hands-on) dining experience is easy to throw together, customizable, and the ideal meal to serve during a romantic evening for two.





Cocktail: Pop some bubbly
Raise a toast to fine food and good company with flute brimming with sparkling wine; what better reason is there to pop that bottle you’ve stashed away for a special occasion? Cheers!


Dinner: Cheese fondue
For a main meal, the delicious chardonnay cheese fondue (shown above) is made with the traditional gruyere cheese – we suggest serving it with chunks of crusty bread, raw or blanched vegetables, roasted or boiled mini potatoes, roasted cremini mushrooms, meatballs, olives, gherkins or cornichons.



Dark-chocolate ganache. (Photo, John Cullen.)

Dark-chocolate ganache. (Photo, John Cullen.)

Dessert: Chocolate fondue
Of course, it’s not Valentine’s Day without chocolate. So, if you’re planning on setting up fondue for dessert, use our classic dark chocolate ganache recipe. We have variations ranging from spiked mocha or peanut-butter swirl to white-chocolate.

Serving suggestions: assorted fresh fruit, marshmallows, chunks of pound cake, pretzels, nuts, graham crackers or digestive biscuits

Note: A fondue pot, or caquelon, is essential when making cheese or chocolate fondue. A small flame underneath the fondue pot keeps the mixture just warm enough so it doesn’t separate or seize.