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Fall wine pairing: Chicken curry and gewürztraminer

Sweet with heat is the way to go. Slightly floral, these white wines are the perfect foil for spicy food.

Creamy chicken curry with crispy chickpeas

Creamy chicken curry with crispy chickpeas.
Photo, Sian Richards.

Sommelier Sara d’Amato and our kitchen present an ideal match, perfect for autumn.

In love with the heady flavours of Indian food but lost when it comes to the wine to match? Just think sweet with heat: Off-dry wines from cooler climates are a great foil for spicy fare. Gewürztraminer (geh-VOORTS-truh-MEE-ner) is just slightly sweet and has lovely floral perfumes. With a moderate alcohol level (don’t go over 14 percent, or the wine will “burn” on the palate with spicy food), this wine melds and meshes with the complex flavours of curry and adds dimension to an Indian meal.

When making curry at home, keep it mild to medium and choose chicken or fish to match the wine. To make this main course a showstopper for entertaining, we set golden roasted chicken over a rich, smooth sauce. Oven-crisped chickpeas and lots of fresh cilantro make this an irresistible dish with lots of textures and flavours.

Perfect pairing: Creamy chicken curry + Gewürztraminer

Wine_cave de beblenheim

Elegant & balanced
Cave de Beblenheim, from $20.


Zesty & tropical
Thornhaven, from $18.

Juicy & vibrant Willm, fro $16.

Juicy & vibrant
Willm, from $16.












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